Special Moments

Life leaves many unforgettable memories; with our help and experience organizing your event we will be able to advice you on how to create those special moments so they can be unforgettable and irreplaceable by placing your essence in every detail, and making your event unique and original.

Floral Structures

Claudia Saldaña has two international certifications in floral design AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designer) CFD (Certified Floral Designer), is responsible for transforming the essence of an event combining floral elements to create spectacular compositions and structures but balanced and pleasant in order exceed the expectations raised.


Trends are decoration styles that include colors, forms, elements and textures that produce a very particular feeling; these allow us to make of your event something never seen before and innovative.

Green wedding
This trend is inspired by nature and organic or ecological materials; it commonly uses only recycled, self-sustainable or biodegradable materials. It uses textures like wood and organic cloths. The colors used are different shades of green, brown and white.

Shabby Chic
Is a decoration style that consists mainly of mixing old and modern elements. It commonly uses white as the predominant color together with pastel colors like pink, green aqua, and others.

Ruta rural
Modernizes old and used objects and gives them a new use. For example, a tractor chair is turned into a bench or can is converted into a lamp. It uses earth colors and textures like rattan, raw wood, hay, and rusty materials. In other words, it uses what one would usually find along the way in a farm.